Poison Bottles


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If any of our members have any poison bottles ( Embossed with Skull and Crossbones) I will be glad to purchase them if the price is right. Just get up with me by PM....PAPPY:smile:
Going back to bottle dump

Hey Pappy,

I'm going back to the bottle dump sometime next week to see if I can find you any of those bottles with the embossed skull on them. If I recall right, there were some there but I didn't know if they were old or not. If I find some, I'll send them your way cause Crystal won't let me keep 'em if they had poison in 'em. 'fraid of residule poison in bottles around the kiddos.

That is about the only thing she had problems with.

James 01/07/06
Hi from a fellow poison bottle collector. I am not looking to sell any right now, but I probably have about 70, all antique. Not all have the skull and crossbones, though. I am patiently waiting for the day when I can add a cobalt skull-shaped bottle ... too expensive for now. Missed a good chance last year.

Good luck with the collecting! I also collect antique ink bottles, because as a writer, I like the connection. Don't know what the connection is with poison bottles! :smile:
Hi, fellow poison bottle collector! I had almost forgotten about this thread. I have not been out bottle digging for a long time -- too many other things getting in the way of my fun stuff. I guess I will have to settle for the full-page photo of a cobalt skull bottle I tore outta National Geographic!
the wife and I went into a little shop her in my home town and he had hundreds of bottles probably thousands.... I asked him about poision bottles and he showed me several none with skull and cross bones

with that being said im not a bottle collector of any sorts but i really like one he had it had double lids on it i just thought that was cool
That sounds cool, all right. Did you mean it had one protective cap on top of another? Wonder what that was.

Some people say that collecting bottles that you find in shops or on ebay "doesn't count" but if I had to depend on just the poison bottles I find in the ground, I wouldn't have very many! Most I find are broken or fire-melted.
I have a couple of old bottles with tops like that. I am trying to remember where I got them...I think somebody gave them to me, who found them when cleaning up at their work place. The ones I have were used for pharmaceutical/lab purposes. They are clear glass with ground-glass stoppers and then there are some silver metal screw-on caps that go over the tops of the stoppers. I'd take a picture, but right now I am still half asleep and most of my bottle collection is packed away in a box somewhere. :smile:
only thing i found in the poision dept wasnt a glass bottle but a cardboard can with metal lids i was called death dart something or the other but the ingredients in was DDT my stepdad still has it but i thought it was a pretty cool find because you could still read everything on it
hahaha! Death Dart! Love the name! It sounds like a name a kid's sci-fi toy might have been called back in the days before everything became "sensitively white-washed" for our own good *cough*.

And yes, I ran with sticks and I didn't poke my eye out. :pconfused:
Went out to the garage shed, no heat,and cold.. Did not find. However did find another bottle...Brown, 2 inches square, 8 1/ 4 inches tall Aromatic schnapps,,schiedam, udolphowolfe's...Another interesting worthless bottle, that came out of an old 1840's basement....Corked,round indent on bottom....Is that enough information, or are pictures needed?:wave:


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does it like this nad,? I dug this bottle Jan. 10th 2011



Just thought I'd throw in this pic of what your schnapps bottle might look like. Just to check with you and see. It isn't worthless. Not worth a fortune or anything, but at least not worthless.

There is one on ebay, buy-it-now, for $25 and $12 S&H