Post MD Season Projects

I know that some of you hunt year round. I also know many of you don't for many different reasons. I don't hunt in the summer months. I spend that time researching and getting ready for the cooler days of Fall, Winter, and Spring. I also use that time for "special projects", that I think will help me and my MD enthusiasm. Some ideas are original and some I have seen in other places. Either way I would like to share some of those with you and I hope many of you will share your ideas as well. If you have an idea or have built somthing that has been of benefit to you, by all means, share with the rest of us.

I'll start with this item that has been a tremendous help to me. We all have invested a large sum of money in our MD equipment. In the past I would come in after a hunt and put my tector in the corner or lay it across a chair in my so called "Man Cave". No offence ladies! I bet some of you have "Lady Caves" as well. I would eventually find myself stepping on a coil or accidently stumbling over it, which could break it or my neck! I tried to rectify the problem using a gun rack, but I found them not having enough depth to hang a detector. I used the same concept, but designed the rack to fit my detector. Now, everything is safely out of the floor and always in its place.

Keep in mind the length of your detector shaft. Some will be shorter due to your heigth. You want to be able to hang your detector without adjusting the shaft length. If I built another one I would have ten inch seperation in the slots rather than seven inches as I currently have. My MD rack is 28.75 X 46.75...


Very cool! I am impressed with the build and the design! I know for a fact I could not do that, Beale.
I bet you can do a better job Beale...I'm not much of a carpenter. I think it will hold together for my needs..Someone good with wood could make it as nice as they want...I like it because it's



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A fantastic idea thanks I been trying to figure a way to store my MD's for the cold frozen months you solved it for me. Howard


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my fall list of things to do.......

1., shoot big buck!
2., metal detect after i shoot big buck!
3., relax after shooting big buck, and metal detecting!
my fall list of things to do.......

1., shoot big buck!
2., metal detect after i shoot big buck!
3., relax after shooting big buck, and metal detecting!
Your schedule is just like mine!!! only try to shoot big bucks...They seem to avoid they knew how poor of a shot I was, I would see more bucks:confused:....
I have another project I completed but I haven't taken any pics yet...I'll get it posted as well...Let's see some of your projects or ideas!!:bthumb: I'm always looking for a good tip...Help me out!
Great idea, design and workmanship George! I wish I had room in my basement for something like that, that may be my winter project, clean out my basement and build one!


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I have been thinking about something like this...I have no 'man cave' as when my oldest daughter moved out, it has been converted to a 'baby room' for grandson no.1 . I like it and will get hot on one soon, as I'm afraid I might break one of my MD's that are strewn around the garage...



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George, that is an awesome idea..I too would like to do that too..I have my detecors laying across some chairs in my storage room..I will think hard about that project..Yours looks great...thanks for the ideas.......Chuck....:bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: :bthumb: