Prayers for Officer Cooper


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I should have posted this earlier, I have just been so disgusted, it was hard for me to post about this. On Labor Day here at our Walmart about 12:30, the Covington Police Dept. responded to a shoplifting call. The Police had rounded up three suspects in the parking lot and detained two while the third one fled and ran across the street and behind a small strip mall with several business' and a restaurant. Two officers were in pursuit and both were attempting to go behind the small strip mall (one on either) end of the building when one officer heard a gunshot. When the one officer went behind the business' he found Officer Cooper down and unresponsive due to a gunshot wound to the head. The suspect shooter then ran to a small section of woods when a second gunshot was heard. The suspect died from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Officer Cooper was air lifted to an Atlanta Trauma Center and has undergone several surgeries and is slowly beginning to show signs of improvement. Officer Cooper is 36 years old and the father of two small children and a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. About the shooter: He was a THUG. 21 years old and has done prior prison time. A convicted felon armed with a weapon. He now shoots this officer and the husband and father of two young children. What was all this about? The 3 Thugs were shoplifting bandanna's. Thug Mentality. Sickening. As if this weren't enough, yesterday my wife and daughter and myself stopped off at the Dunkin Donuts just up the road from our house. 3 guys came walking up to the front of the store and 1 went to a convenience store next door. Two came into the donut shop one with short hair and the other with long dreads. I was standing down on the other end of the counter waiting for my coffee and my wife and daughter had set down at a table. The one guy sat at a table on one side of my wife and daughter. The guy with the long dred's began talking to the other guy seated. I couldn't hear what was being said, but my wife suddenly stands up and announces that "we need to get out of here now". Upon hearing this I asked what was wrong and the two guys left the shop and soon after left. My wife was visibly upset and she said the guy with the dred's was telling the other in a loud voice where everyone could hear him that the GBI had been called in to investigate this case and that this was a cover up.....that the shooter was shot in the back of the head. The rascal (Very nice here) stated that "I knew they shot that boy". One of the first things released was the finding that neither officer had discharged their firearm. I'm so Sick of all this Bull. Please pray for the officer that he will make a Full and complete recovery. The bullet from what I understand is still lodged in his head and I don't know for sure if it will be able to be surgically removed. Our Walmarts down here have been a hub for crime and criminal activity. It is to where it's not safe for women to shop by themselves even in daylight. Always be aware of your surroundings women and men.


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I don't know what to think about society anymore. It has become a real mess and I really hate to say that it's only getting worse. Something truly wrong is happening. Of course I have a theory that probably would be considered crazy, but all signs point towards something bigger than all of us which has been in the works for centuries. You can find it in the Bible, is all I need to say. Prayers for this man who did his best to protect innocent people from thuggery.


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Thanks for the prayers sent. Officer Cooper and his family can really use all the prayers that can be said. He has a long road ahead of him but prayers that he'll make a full recovery.


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Said a prayer. Things like this, if i had the means, i would move back to Alaska. Go live out in the woods away from society. Be a mountain man.


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Definitely prayers are sent. It's really vital that we, the thinking, caring group take the time to not only send prayers to the victims of attacks like this, but reflect on what we were taught as kids about right and wrong and at least try to school our youth in those beliefs. Hopefully they just might listen and run with the ball.


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Prayers sent for this young man. I thank him for his service to our country and to your community. Such a shame people can't just get along and stop all this crap.