Prism 3 $150


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They are great machines and I don't think 150 is bad. One of my hunting buddies has a III and an MXT,and has said that he'd get rid of the MXT long before the III ?? Not sure why, but he loves that machine a lot !!



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Great machines for sure.."E" used one for a long time and was/is a coin magnet...the price seems good also....Chuck......:grin:
I have run a Prizm IV for like three years now, I haven't had any problems with it. I have found tons of stuff with it. I know there are better machines out there but Knowing your detector means a lot in finding the good stuff. I doubt I would ever part with it. Good luck with the Prizm, I would try to talk them down to 100-125 but if its firm at 150 I would take it.
I have a prizm II. I should have bought the 3, but I didn't. It's a good machine nonetheless. $150 is a good price. A 3 is equal; in comparison to an Ace 250. Not exactly the same machine, but as a model, close.
I saw one in a pawn shop today for $149,if It would have been $100 I would have thought about it seeing that the pawn shop most likely didn't give more than $50 or $60 on pawn for it,and I wasn't about to give them $100 profit for it.Had a date that it was there 5 weeks for sale on the tag already.Not too many pawned MD's saw an expensive fisher that can be used under water,but they said being summer,the Tuesday units are selling out pretty well when they come in

Sorry,I didn't see this thread was 2 years old till I wrote this.