Prizm 2

Has anyone used this machine. I cant decide between prizm2, fisher F2, or garrett 250. I did however have a dream about using a white's metal detector and my last name is white so, maybe I should go with the Prizm 2.
I only have 250 paypal buyer credit so that is my price range.


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White's is a good machine. I used the Prizm III and found good stuff. I now have the ace 250 and love it. Has alot more featues like depth reading and 5 search modes. You'll find treasure with both, the Ace will make it a little easier.
I own whites and a fisher, but for your price range I would jump on the F2, it comes with a 4" coil for hunting trashy areas or around bleachers/benches.

The Ace250 is alos a proven detector and you probably cant go wrong with it.

The F2 and Ace250 will do what the entire prizm line will do for less money IMO.
I have the Prizm III & would not get the Prizm II, if you can get the Prizm III get that, if not get the 250.

Bryan Jon

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I have a White's M6 and I love it, great machine. Between the ones you mention , though I would go with the Ace 250. I am not familiar enough with the F2 , to say one way or the other on that one. Good luck w/ your choice, whatever it may be. :bthumb:
Prizm 2

Hi all and Happy New to you all. About The (prizm 2) I have had one for over 5 years, and found a lot of coins & about 20 Rings, yes it is a very good machine and may be on sale for haft of what I pay for it, You can pick one up New for about $150.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::smile::smile::smile::multi::multi::multi::wave::wave::wave: