Prizm V Is Loaded With.....

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.....high end features in a medium range metal detector.

NEW! MultiTone™. Hear instantly whether it's a nail, ring, or quarter! 8 distinct audio tones - one for each discriminate zone - range from VERY LOW for nails up to HIGH for silver dollars. Just press MultiTone™ and listen as the Prizm™V metal detector tells you what kind of treasure you've found, OR, if you prefer the Prizm 4-style 3-tone I.D., it's here, too!

VCO Pinpointing. Voltage Controlled Oscillation gives a higher pitch as you approach the target. It's a simple and intuitive way to pinpoint. Prefer standard, volume-controlled pinpointing? It's here, too!

Prizm™ 950 search coil. Standard 9.5" search coil on all White's top-of-the-line metal detectors. More depth, and a wider search pattern.

Also featuring these proven Prizm advantages:

Smart Notch. You choose ... detect or ignore them. Just push a pad and nails, foil, and tabs are in or out. The "Smart" system notches each zone based on your discrimination setting. You'll wonder how you ever did without Smart Notch!

Target I.D with 8-Zone Discrimination adjusts so you pick what you want to see and hear. Hear and see it all, or just the good stuff.

Adjustable Sensitivity maximizes detection depth in varying grounds.

Depth Reading Once you've detected a good target, the screen shows you how deep to dig. No extra steps, it's automatically on the screen!

PinPoint/All-Metal Mode makes locating your target a snap. Just push the pad!

Rugged, water resistant control box. Just 2.5 pounds, too.

Instruction Video included.

Low Battery Alert. Powered by 2 9-volt batteries


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