Pro Pointer Info Please

I think im the only one on this forum who doesnt have one-and according to fedex tracking,mine should be on my doorstep tomorrow!!Viddy lets me borrow his spare and boy did it spoil me.Dont know how i got along without one for so long!!
I don't have one. I was looking through old posts and found a link to the Garrett website and came across this Pro Pointer. It looks rather nifty! Thank you!

Excellent ... I will not hunt without it . saves so much recovery time !
This is what I was wondering, how well it works. Thank you!


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The Garrett Pro Pointer is EXTRA Durable,
and is backed by Garrett's SECOND TO NONE service dept.
I would hate to even think about going back to hunting without one.
It makes looking for a NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK very QUICK and Easy.
Garrett Pin Pointer.....Don't Leave Home Without It....If you've going dirt hunting !!!
Makes recovery so much easier. Keep in mind, while you are MD , most recoveries are the same color as the surrounding soil. My eyes aren't as good as they use to be, so it really helps out during recovery.
Can a Garrett Pro-Pointer be fine tuned after the general area (a hole) is created ?
I find it is so sensitive, within a few inches of the object, it will increase in vibration but the object is still difficult to locate. Or is it also responding to minerals in the soil, such as rust which has broken down to a powder state ?