Pro Pointer Reliability

New to this MD stuff. I know a pointer would be of help once you're down and digging. I was considering the Garrett pro pointer but was wondering how long they have been on the market and whether they have proven reliable in the long run? Any experience out there on long term use? Thanks.


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they have been around for a few years but I don't know exactly how long. I got mine in the spring of 2009. have put it thru alot of use and unfavorable conditions. mud, sand , rain, dropped it in a puddle a couple of times, have dropped it on the ground and had it fall off the tailgate of my pickup, still works great, it is a good solidly built dependable unit. have never regreted buying it and if I ever wear it out i wouldn't think twice about buying another one.
ive had mine a year dropped it on the concrete and the vibrate stopped working
i took it apart little motor with a counterbalance came out of its clip popped it back in works fine know scared me though
great tool couldnt hunt without it
good luck


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I have had mine a few thing I ever got to use for hunting..can not be beat and would not leave home with out it...Chuck......:grin:


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I had my first one for over a year. I can't tell you how bad I abused that thing. They are amazing. The button finally quit working. (but I could still use it by taking the battery in and out. hahaha)

I called Garrett and told them I had had it for at least a year and couldn't find the receipt. They told me to mail it in anyway. Less than 5 days later I got a brand new one in the mail. I called to see how much they wanted me to pay and they said nothing.

I am taking better care of the new one and would never buy another pin pointer except Garretts!!!!!!

Good feedback. On top of all this, I'm getting a strong feeling that Garrett doesn't forget the customer. Rare in this day and age.


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I had mine for just under a year, went to replace the batteries it would not work, Called Garrett, they said send it in and we will fix it or replace it. Can't beat that for customer service. :bthumb:


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I believe Garrett’s customer service is #1 in the industry.
gotta agree with that, all my detectors are garretts and a few years ago i needed a new set of battery holders, i made the call to garrett and within a week i had new battery holders sent to my house for free. #1 in my book


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I wouldn’t trade my Shadow for anything but if it goes belly up I’m thinking seriously of going to a Garrett for that reason. Don’t like all the bells and whistles but may have to learn some new tricks.