Pro Pointer

I got Pro Pointer today sweet. I had to buy it from Ebay. KellyCo didn't have them in stock and did not when they would get them. Wow they are really a big seller. Note!! very well made. Also made in the USA:)


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Yup to all.
Now, if you haven't already done so you need to correct the one little flaw with it. Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the body so it covers the speaker hole. You don't want water/dirt to get down there.


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Wrap some bright Electrical tape around the speaker. Makes it easier to find and much more water resistant, Beale.
Its a great Probe. I love mine too. I am having a little problem with interference of my V3i 10" D2 coil. But I am working my way around it. Again great probe and good luck.

Keith Kirkland

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just got my pro pinpointer last week great tool. I started out with a fisher and a harbor feight. The harbor feight was great when it worked. Only been mding for a month. Everyone talked so highly of the garrett I has to get one. Thank god I did. Wonderful tool cuts my time down alot. I check my metal detector and then always my pro pointer before leaving the house.


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The pro pointer is awsome. I sometimes use it as a mini detector at those really bad areas where my detector just goes crazy. I'm hitting a area in my school with pro pointer and have dug a ton of trash. Now that area more clear going to bring my small coil and search it better.


Love my Garrett's Pro Pointer! So glad for the tip to get one, and for the tip on the tape! Now ready for it to find something really old!!


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Yup, Me to.
If I were to find something I liked better
I'd probably try it,
But for now I haven't found any one brand
I like as much or better.


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In case you all didnt know it (pro-pointer) doesn't like salt water...ask Tim (TCrews) he toasted one already when we went to the beach a few weeks ago...and almost had another near drowning on pro-pointer no. 2 when we were hunting at a local creek yesterday( water detecting)this time it wasn't Tim's bust, but rather Walt, my son in laws Dad who has been going out with us since getting bit by the treasure hunting bug...