Protective covers for the 3030

JW Hunter

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Why did you buy the CTX 3030 and not the Deus? I ask because by the end of the year, I will probably have another detector. There has to be a reason.
I did a lot if research on both, I really liked all the features the CTX had over the deus, and the xchange2 program that is with the CTX is outstanding, it is really easy to use and is extremely helpful in documenting my hunts and recoveries, I am now associated with our local historical society, and having the ability to map out the area of the search on this program is beneficial in the documentation. It also gives me the visual ability to make sure the entire area is covered. Reports on its weight, IMO, is not at all a problem with me because it is really balanced....i also have installed video mounts on the carbon shaft so I can video as problems for me, the program uses Google earth and helps me research areas that I want to detect, using it's gps feature, I can set up multiple hunt points (longitude & latitude) via Google earth and download it straight to the machine....get into the field, pull up the saved search point and enable the gps and it will lead me to the direct spot and track my really is a fantastic program for the CTX
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