QS false signals

I'm new to detecting. This is my first detector is a Quick Silver. It doesn't really go very deep I haven't fully put it to the test yet but from what I can tell it doesn't penetrate nearly as much as some of the detectors out there. The more research I look into the more I'm disappointed. I went out with a vet detector and he had a Explorer. Granted you can't compare a $1300 (what he paid) with my $125 purchase.

Most people on these sites say it's not what you use it's how you use it and getting to know your detector. I've picked up little quirks and such on this but for the most part I don't believe that [FONT=&quot]philosophy[/FONT]. I guess I should have kicked in the extra $50 for a Ace 250. But anyways I'm learning.

This detector if you bump it slightly or the return swing is a little to jarring for it it will give off a false coin ID. Which is very frustrating. I find a number of ghost signals (maybe just a tilted coin that won't pick up again who knows) with this machine. Don't get me wrong I've found stuff with it and for the price maybe you can't beat it.

It does have a digital display, 4 tone ID, disc, 3 choices for depth (doesn't show how deep your target is but it's more a sensitivity option then the depth as it shows on the screen) and very cheap compared to many others out there. But I've found a number of pop cans under the "coin" tone which many I dug up from 6" mark. Maybe the false signals are just on my machine but I'm disappointed and am looking for a better detector. Any other suggestions other then the ACE 250? 1k and under? (taxes coming in :smile:).

My dad did find a mans ring with it in the water. But it was in a area we were told several rings were lost because a old volleyball net was placed there.


For the money I do not think you can beat the minelab xterra x70. Well under a thousand. Ask Chuck or one of the other sponsors.
Hi Litlewolf, I have to agree with Julie, the Xterra 70 is a really great machine. I know that when I pick up my X70 confidence is high!!! I just can't say enough about this instrument. But I would like to be of help to you and just PM me if you decide on what you want to do Wolf. So God Bless and I wish you happy hunting in finding the big treasure!

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I bought a quicksilver as well. For $100-$130 you get just that. It has all the difficult features of every detector wrapped into 1. However, with that difficulty you learn how to actually detect instead of letting your machine do "all the work". If you spend time with your machine and learn its patterns you can get pretty good at determining whats in the ground before you dig. It is a great starter machine but you will definitely outgrow it as your skills improve.