QUEST FOR THE TWIN SISTERS CANNONS of the Battle of San Jacinto fame continues.....

....According to reports these cannons have Not been seen since 1865 so that is 149 years....the last really concentrated search was around 1986 which was the Sequecentenial of Texas gaining its Independence from Mexico!!....Some small groups of people are still looking for it today. The problem is that there are a few different versions of the same story. At the end of the Civil War several Confederate Soldiers on the way back home noticed that a pile of cannons was setting next to the RR depot for the Federals to pick up....among these they noticed two were the Twin Sisters of these soldiers was a Dr. Graves and with a few others ex-Confederates they went back at night and stole these cannons....they burned the wooden carriages and threw them into the local bayou...the cannons they rolled for several 100 yards into the woods and burried them in shallow graves and they marked several of the trees to help them re-locate the cannons later...Dr. Graves came back about 30 years later but most of the trees had been cut down and the terrain had changed so much that he became disoriented and he could find only 2 of his original markers on the trees.....he spent the next 15 to 20 years looking for the Twin Sisters and then he just disappears .....
OK comes controversy.....the local bayou could be one of two since two bayous are close in the same area.....some say that the cannons are burried close to Brays Bayou while others say it was Buffalo Bayou.....the other problem is that some say that the cannons were spotted at the RR depot at Harrisburg while others say that the cannons were at the Market Square in Harrisburg....of course the RR depot is long gone....and Harrisburg has been absorbed into the City of Houston so it is like hunting for a Ghost Town in the middle of the big city.....some local people are looking for it still today....but that is a totally different story.....Joe


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Great story with a bit of History thrown in Joe. That would be great if the Twin sister Cannons could be found. Abog, (Paul) from Russia posted a story with pic's concerning locating and retrieving a cannon from a lake bottom that the Red Army had dumped there from WWI. The cannon looked to be in remarkable shape for its age. I hope yhall' can locate the Twin Sisters. That would truly be a piece of History that could be enjoyed by many future generations to come.
Lots of research needed on this one.....must locate the original RR depot.....must locate the original town Market square....although the trees were mostly cut down probably need to look for newer trees that would have grown from the roots of the older cut down trees......measure out the distance from the RR Depot from 300 yards and then do it again at the site of the town Market Square
(and what direction to go ??) and then most likely this is on private property so getting permission to search would be a big deal!!..and then doing the actual searching with a detector with a large coil or using a 2-box detector.....just a tremendous amount of work needs to be done......more than one person can do ....probably need to involve a large group......after looking at this... this is why the Twin Sisters have Not been found in almost 150 years.....Joe
If the 'sisters' are within 500 yards of any rr depot in the old Harrisburg area, or Houston, then they are under a hundred years of buildings. There isnt an original tree anywhere in downtown Houston. We hunt there almost every weekend and all the old creeks and gullies that drained into the bayous have been filled in, leveled, and skyscrapers built on them. There isn't a detector made that will go deep enough to hit them thru all that cement, asphalt, etc..