Question on coils for BH


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FISHER COILS ???? (- General)

by Dave J., Friday, November 18, 2011, 04:40 (1 day, 6 hours, 58 min. ago) @ BIG SILVER CLARK

Over the last several years we've introduced a lot of new models in several different product lines. At times it has resulted in some confusion as to what's what. Knowing firsthand what dying pains feel like, I prefer the pains that come with growing.
So much for editorializing.
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The F2/F4 coil is electrically the same as the legacy BH series. But with a CB mike style connector. Nowadays. Originally it had a BH compatible DIN connector and is still available in that configuration for BH and original F2/F4 machines.
It is not electrically compatible with other Fisher or Teknetics products. It probably won't damage them but will NOT work correctly.
If someone has coils they can't figure out what's what, here's the straight skinny: get an LCR meter that tests at 1 kHz. And probe around the contacts until you find what is obviously the transmitter.
Legacy BH series: approx. 2.4 mH.
T2 only: approx. 680 uH, center tapped with some positions reading about 170 uH.
F75/F70: approx. 660 uH.
GB, GB Pro, G2, F5, Platinum, Gold, Gamma, Alpha, Omega, Delta: approx. 880 uH. Concentrics in this series are NOT specified for use on the GB, GB Pro, or G2 although in some instances they may seem to work.
If this information was useful to anyone please let me know by posting here.
--Dave J.
Ok thanks. I was told that the old push in style connectors would work with the BH. I thought it might be worth a try if it was possible.


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Contact BH, coustomer service, They can and will tell you what is compatible with the machine that you have.

good luck and happy hunting.