Question Wisdom of Iron/Foil in same Graph


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I am considering a Deleon over a Cortes because of the larger more readable characters. The manual describes when the graph and number don't agree its pretty certain that the target is an irregular piece of iron.
The manual does not cover the subject of when to dig a target
for gold. I had Fisher CZ6's and when I found gold jewelry the meter always
showed a hard foil reading or a bounce between foil, nickel and pull tab.
It would seem that mixing iron and foil in the same bar graph will make it
harder to determine if its irregular iron or possibly gold jewelry even though
the discriminate knob differentiates between iron and foil. After calling the
Tesoro tech rep I still feel that combining the iron and foil
graph might make it harder to determine when to dig for gold. The tech rep said that some of the iron signal could get thru even when the discriminate knob was set on iron. Believe me I'm not trying to criticize Tesoro but it would appear that the Iron/Foil bar graph might lead you to
believe its foil and worth digging. I'm 79 and avoid digging zinc pennies
and pull tabs as much as possible. I only dig pull tabs if I'm in a area of
many good finds. So I loose some good finds but eliminate a lot of
non productive digging and make it easier on this old body.
It would be appreciated if anyone with a DeLeon would comment on this.
I agree with you in that the DeLeon display is easier to see. I took a rusty nail and a 14K men's ring and first I put the nail on top of the ring I got a solid 7 and the bar graph pretty much showed iron and foil. With the ring on top of the nail still got the same result. I added a pulltab to the mix and the bargraph was all over the place as with the numbers. The ring by itself showed a nickel. I hope this is helpful to you. God Bless.

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After purchasing a Deleon and testing it at home and using it for a few hours I discovered some
very interesting things that are mentioned in the users manual. But two very important things
were not. Before digging the manual suggests switching to the all metal mode to recheck the
target. This is very good advice as a questionable target will disappear or show as something
you don't want to dig. On the other hand the all metal mode will confirm that the target should
be dug. I believe that Tesoro should emphasize that Pinpointing in the all metal mode should be
done with a sweeping coil movement rather than no motion. Other brands use no motion and
when you read the Tesoro Deleon specifications they list NO MOTION all metal which could lead
you to believe one should pinpoint with very little movement like the Fisher cz's. I would also
advise the user that a slow sweeping motion will give a better target I.D. than a faster one.
The manual also advises to sweep both ways to form an X. I don't know why it is but the forward
and back motion was more accurate than the side to side sweep - possibly the coil shape? This
is very good advice since anyone in the habit of just relying on side to side, with other brands
experience, would be making a mistake. Like most detectors it takes a bit of experience to act as
one with your detector to really get the most out of it. This Deleon is not only a very accurate detector, but I am very impressed with the various ways you can use it to avoid digging. I had
13 years of experience with Fisher's CZ6 series and this is a surprising and very different type
of enlightenment that I never expected.