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Why is it that people who make the LRL's refuse to demonstrate their gear outside of their own shops? I have the cash to buy one, I saved for a long time. However before I will spend that kind of money I want to see a real life demonstration. I have asked a couple of companies but they all refuse to take their LRL's to a field for a real life test. So sadly I just feel I cannot pay out £4000 for a machine that I cannot see working. Am I wrong?
A friend of mine in the USA asked for a demo and was refused, I asked for one here in the UK and was refused.
Oh well no LRL for me then, it is so sad! LOL :banghead: I really really really wanted one!

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Hi sorry I should have been clearer, It is the Long Range Locator.
I am still looking for one and if I can find anyone to come and demonstrate it for me in real life I will buy it on the spot. But sadly I just cannot get anyone to to a demo.......... Oh well


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Everything revolves around money. Would you buy one for lets say 4500? If so maybe you could rent the unit an an operator for a said time for 500 and pay 4000 for the unit if it works. Money wise i'm not sure but you could pitch it to them.

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I have a field where I have hidden a gold coin and several silver hammered coins. Its been there for several months now. I think if the LRL can find the goodies I placed there then Yeah I will splash out immediately! This is the challenge I laid out for the company but they claim they do not have the time to come and hunt my fields for me!
I was so pumped up when I read the advertisements, underground scan with radar showing you what is down there linked to a laptop even claims that it will tell you how deep how much whether it is gold silver etc. It looked so good!


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Ok so your not talking about the GPR, but the LRL. It seems to me that the company would jump at the chance to come out and show their stuff. If it was my company, and I was not a fly by night outfit, I'd even invite the media to be there for the test. I'd want everyone to see my equipment work.

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All LRL's are a scam. It's been proven. The electronics in them do nothing but flash a couple LEDs. There is no theory behind them, and not a single one can be proven in a field test.

If you have 4000 BPS burning a hole in your wallet, send it to me. I'll at least send you metal detector that works :grin:

As mentioned in an earlier post, I made a deal and had the use of Gold Gun LRL for two weeks. I'll make this short, it is USELESS!!!!
MY 3 friends and I tried to make some positive use of it but finally gave up. A forked stick is just as good.


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I've read all the ads and it shows them using it but I just don't see it working when you ask about the science behind them you get a lot of gobblely gook. Icewater

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As I was saying...

r49Miner I fully agree with you on that one! I even mentioned it exactly the same as you have here! Imagine that.... Oh well reading the other posts maybe I will just keep saving till someone comes up with the real thing. Anyone have any ideas on the GPR mentioned above? Do they work?
I just think it would be stunning if I can set up my Detector and it scans let s say 50m2 and give me the GPS and depth readings of the goodies I got to dig. Come on you garage electronics experts build one LOL I will be the first customer! Face it most cool inventions was first build in someone's garage!
=^.^= ';';';';';';';';
When in Doubt Dig :confused:


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Junk Stuff

Save your money and learn how to dowse. At least Dowsing has proven itself with a few people.

I tried one of those detectors once, and it could not find the gold in the display case.
A homemade device, I have found, actually works BETTER because it doesn't have all the ball bearings,etc. so that an actual response can be discerned by the user. Otherwise, your slightest twitch or manipulation will send you way out into left field. If it works-it works and if not it doesn't.

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Howdy I agree mate but one are not allowed to say it now are we?
Anyway where are the Garage Electronic experts???? Come on then Gents build me a proper long range detector! Grrrr I am not asking for much just about 50m2 Is all! hahaha Well when you do please let me know!
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When in Doubt Dig!:cussing:

Hi there.

LRLs. the thing that dreams are made of.

LRLs are based on the scientific principle of Nuclear magnetic resonance, where each and every substance has a resonant frequency.....under very specific conditions.

Unfortunately, our dear life giving Sun plays havoc with these devices made by conmen, particularly LRLs.

You have as much chance of finding something specific with an LRL as you would with a walking stick with a coil wound arround the end of it. (Tuned to gold of course.)

If I could make one that worked, then the last thing I would do is sell it. QED.............NMR.UK

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NMR Dude I fully agree with you!
If you can build one that works and find the goodies why sell it?? hahahaha Go out there and be rich yerself.
Yeah gave up me search........ sigh