RE: ACE 250 vs. GTP 1350


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Dear friends,

I am currently using an Ace 250, and have the opportunity to acquire a 1350 at a good price. I am wondering what you people might think. How much better is the 1350?

Thanks in advance!


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Good luck with your new machine..Hope you find some good stuff..Keep us posted.........Buster.......:wavey:
Well a big congrats is due you!! That is a heck of a step up. Good luck with that sweet detector, Beale.
Yeah, I agree. The 1350 is everyhitng the ACE merely promises to be.
Take the time to know that GTP and you will agree, Im sure.


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I acquired a 1350GTP a few months back and have yet to take it out.:eek: I know,pretty pathetic huh? I will be taking it out this weekend. I had a bounty hunter land star before this and it served me quite well. I am obviously looking forward to hunting with the Garrett. Good luck with yours. I have only read good things about this machine.:bthumb:
May the deeper keepers be yours, let the silver shine !!! nice, I just get me a good spot and by fast recovery methods I go for all non-ferrous targets, if your machine will do that for you that is the best hunt technique, but then I'm a relic hunter at heart and I started with an Ace 250 ten years ago, taught me all I needed to know as far as deficiancies in a metal detector and especially the skills, Ace is great, but we all go on to our second machine eventually and it is a tough choice, but by then we know what we like and need for the type of hunting we do. I personally do fast recovery, know my ground and only wish to know if its iron or not iron or a large target. [Take heed ] Personally I use a Sov for first strike on land but my real machine is a Musketeer,... and an audio enhanced C-scope for the beach, Sov is no go, miss ID's good signals beyond its ID range as Iron!!!. typical .....No ID works beyond X amount of inches..I go for fast recovery, Try it, I have made enemies with many great hunters because the teqnique I explain is superior !! Beware a good Top of the line whites though !!! They are very tough competition.