Relic Hunt Tejon or ATPRO?

I am heading to Virginia next month and need some help with what machine to use as my primary.
I am detecting for about six months and first bought the Atpro, after having it back for service twice I started looking for another machine and bought the Tejon after being blown away by all you loyal Tesoro users.
I have not really mastered either machine especially the Tejon. With a little help from you more experienced users I hope to get some direction on what to focus on 40 days before my hunt.
Thanks and PLEASE HELP!!


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Nener having owned an AT Pro but do have an Ace-250, and also having owned a Tejon...I'd go withe the AT Pro. The Tejon has a harder learning curve of luck...



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If I had to use an unfamiliar machine in an important-to-me hunt in 40 days hence I would be using that machine at every opportunity to familiarize myself with it.
I know this is a older post but I do own both go with the Tejon and dig all the Tesoro loves all metal and goes deep you never know what you will find in a Civil War camp or battle field it"s all history good luck happy hunting both machines are good but the Tesoro is super lite and swings easy makes you want to hunt all day . Steve


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AT PRO getting pretty fair reviews (but lots having to be sent back for repairs) and it takes 8 batteries (I think). Tejon much lighter and great track record. More info at 1. and 2. on Tesoro products


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My mistake...looked them up....the GTI 2500 weighs 4.6 lbs and takes 8 AA batteries....the AT PRO is 3.03 lbs and takes 4 AA batteries. The Tejon is 2.98 lbs and takes 8 AA batteries! I use the Vaquero which is 2.2 lbs and takes 1 nine volt battery.


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the AT PRO is 3.03 lbs and takes 4 AA batteries. The Tejon is 2.98 lbs and takes 8 AA batteries!
Yup that's a Deal Killer right Thar,
That AT PRO is .050 lbs heaver and
Costs half the money to change the Batteries
Is that even an ounce???
I know the both are close in weight but to me the Tejon just feels lighter and I have used them both all day. I think why the Tesoro distrbutes the weight much better batterys on top and the console middle makes for a well balanced machine not that I dont like the pro but all the weight in one place . Beside Tejon is a relic animal


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Both are Good
It, to me, would boil down to which options I wanted in a MD.
The Tersoro reminds me of the old Fisher I've got
Two Disc. and the three way trigger
Disc1,Disc2,and Pin Point