ring at the beach


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Would have been big jackpot, don't think its legit.
Thought it was legit of course 1st few seconds when I saw it in my scoop, retrieved from about 4 ft of water. Huge, heavy ring but was quickly disappointed seeing no hallmark, then noticed what appears to be small areas with plating rubbed off. Oh well fun to try, and it could have been.

I know 2 things about the guy who lost it - He is a mason, and he has big fingers. I take an 11.5 and I can fit this on my thumb.



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Don't have any freinds who are masons as far as I know, no doubt it means alot to them, especially being a master ring. I placed a lost and found ad on craigslist but thats a longshot.

Weighs a solid 1 0z, going to have it checked to be positive, really is no plate lifting or bubbling, has what appears to be rub marks on the edge exposing base metal but sometimes it looks like an illusion its so shiny. Would be uncommon for something like this made of PM to not be hallmarked but not unheard of, will post in the unlikely event its legit or I find its owner.
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Better today, probably within 10 ft of where I found the big one, this one 7.5g 10k white gold - Of course not sure if I just missed it a few days ago or if it was a very recent drop.



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Quick and easy way to check the big ring without an acid kit is a specific gravity test. All you really need is a jewelry scale and a utube video to show you how. It's so easy I can do it and I do it quite often on unmarked items.