Rings of Saturn found on 1st flight of the year

Navy Davy teleported his message via "mind melted."
"Low tide at 1030hrs beam you up at 0900hrs" melted ND.
"Rodger over and out" I retorted via my mind melt which was quite a few decibels lower than his.
Promptly Space Cadet 1st Class ND arrived at the designated time and coordinates. Into the navicomputer he laid out our course which ran parallel to slipstream 103.
We arrived shortly thereafter having maintained a constant speed of warp 1.5 as dictated by T.H.U.D. (Treasure Hunters Under Distress). And no one but no one wants to mess with that bureaucracy! The place was dank, dark and not so dangerous save for space poo of the four legged kind.

Navy Davy and I scoured the barren beach below the high water mark. Every thing else was encapsulated by ice. We were searching, hoping for intergalactic bell or ping tones that denoted buried artifacts. No sound after 20 minutes, then 30 with the air finally punctured by a sharp bell tone.....a dime. First coin of the new year. A few minutes more the air was permeated by another.....dime . Navy Davy pinged a quarter.
A brief glimpse of one of the three suns followed by blackened clouds....from the wet sand lined with neutrino grass near the Sea of Jupiter I uncovered the rings of Saturn! A sudden pain engulfed my back.....the earing was cursed I'm sure. If memory serves me well folklore had it that Skellatore had lost one here eons ago during the "Battle of Nova Scotia Prime."
Navy Davy 1st Class Space Cadet and I.....of no class shortly there after called it a day. The voyage to our home planet was uneventful as there was no attack by the "R.C.M.P." (Rouge Constellation Mutant Pirates)