Roseburg Swingers?

Any members here in the Roseburg,Oregon area that would like to get together and help someone fairly new to the hobby, (me) with some tips and tricks? Maybe get together and do some searching occasionally? I am in the Winchester area on the outskirts of Roseburg. Drop me a line here or e-mail me at Ohh in case it matters, i am 57 years old so if you have a problem with old farts i may not be the best choice for a partner. :laughing9:
Old fart''

Im in the Medford area, out side of Eagle Point.
I have a claim up in the applegate area...sure lets get together,Although...Im only 51,and a real smart ^*_)@.
so.....if that dos'ent bother you,Then were all good.


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Don't mind old farts

I like you heavy metal guys. Silver in your hair,, gold in your teeth, and lead in your @ss. :rofl: My regular partner (my Dad) qualifies on all accounts. Chris