RTG Pro 5" Stainless Travel Water Scoop

Thanks everyone - this scoop has been sold!

I have three scoops that I no longer use so rather than continue to collect dust I am putting them up for sale. I am the original owner and they are all in excellent condition. All three are high quality long handled scoops from popular manufacturers that can be used in dry sand, wet sand, and water while using your foot to push the scoop into the sand.

RTG PRO 5" STAINLESS TRAVEL WATER SCOOP by Reilly's Treasured Gold. Cost new is $149.00 plus delivery (and tax in Florida). My price is $100.00.

From the manufacturewww.rtgstore.com/rtgroyalscoops.htm: This scoop is our newly designed water scoop bucket cut out on our plasma table. The bucket is made with 304 non magnetic stainless steel with 5/8" holes punched through out the bucket. The handle is also stainless steel. The scoop bucket is almost 9" long by 5" in diameter. The bucket is 14 gauge stainless steel. There is a round stainless tubing welded on the back of the bucket to the handle for strength and for a foot kicker. We have this model as a travel scoop now, the handle is cut in half with a stainless sleeve to travel the 2 pieces together. There is a spring to hold the handle together. Overall length of this scoop is about 47" long. There is a rubber hand grip for comfort.

This is a high quality scoop with a nice discount for being used. I am happy to answer any questions. PM me if interested. I will ship anywhere in the continental US for $12 or we can arrange a local pickup in the Tampa area.


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