Safari is Awesome!

I just purchased the Safari and went out today for a little bit.
The machine is awesome! It's easy to use, very stable, and I think it's one of the easiest full band spectrum machines to use.

I had another popular brand that had a few frequencies but sold it!

Anyone looking for a good full spectrum machine should give the Safari
their serious consideration.

All I need is decent weather!


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I am looking at that , the SE Pro, or E-Trac, also the V3. It will comw down to $$ for me and customer support. I run a Minelab they just need to work on the support, Beale.
In my opinion ...

I know the Explorer SE is much harder to learn. The Etrac is said to be easier to use than the SE Pro.

I was seriously considering the Etrac and then I went to Kellyco's website that lets you compare once machine to the other side by side. The features were almost identical.

What sold me on the Safari was the machine has a easy to navigate system.
Before I purchased it, I downloaded the manual from Kellyco site. That might be something you may want to look at.


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My Safari gets more wheats & silver, got 2 years ago off ebay my silver count has doubled, but I still have 2 Whites detectors for backup