Scorcher coil ?

Dig Dug

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Anyone got this coil on their Garrett GTI 2500 how do you like it, how does it show up screen does the depth show up.

4.5" Scorcher Searchcoil


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I used to have the old Crossfire small coil on the first Garrett I ever owned back in 1981. the Garrett Deep Seeker. Found some nice relics with it in some tight places. As Andi said, it's also great in Trashy areas. So, with that being said, Happy'll love the small coil and Best of Luck with it.

herb n surf

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I've got one for my 2500 DD but I have not had the need to use it yet . I have small coils like these on some of my other detectors and they are great in areas with a lot of pull tabs like picnic areas.. By the way " Happy Birthday , I hope it's the best ever......."

Dig Dug

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I got it, I will try it out tomarrow. I'm getting the coil cover for how long it took.
cost me $ 89.00 for the coil and a 9.5 coil cover.
Its all black not white like the photo.