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my first post on this forum.

I have been looking around on the Net to gain as much information from people who have owned the Bounty Hunter Sharpshooter 11. I have just bought this detector and need more information than the user booklet gives.

iI am not new to metal detecting but have never owned an American manufactured detector, i realise that a sound grasp of the potential of this machine is necessary before i venture out detecting.

All advice received on this detector + or - is welcomed after all i own it now and there's no going back well not for awhile anyway .

Respectfully: troy.


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Hi Troy, :wave::wave:
Welcome to TQ from Fife.
Nice to see a fellow Scot. :bthumb:

Sorry I can't help ya on the Bounty Hunter,
but there are many others who can. :biggrin::biggrin:


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I can’t help with the BH but do have a few suggestions for you. If your familiar with md’ing you know what a test garden is. Plant one and start getting used to the BH language. When you hit a site listen, look and dig. This is the best way in my opinion to get it figured out. The main thing is to dig all targets until you get the feel of it.

Not very technical I know but it does work very well.


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I don't know anything about your BH,but Welcome to TQ
It's a great forum and I'm sure someone will have info for you.
Just a suggestion...

Try utube for instruction and video hunts. Or even

Good Luck

Also I think Beale made a suggestion to me a while back,,

Get a large piece of cardboard and tape some good and bad targets underneath. Try and learn the good and bad signals (nails, pop tops) etc!

Hi Troy

I Started out this hobby with a sharpshooter, it's a very good detector, like some of the other posters said above go out & make a test garden with different coins & junk so you can learn all the tones they will make. Your just starting out so don't give up or get frustrated, until you get an ear for all the different targets & what they are, also after a while you will know by the tone if the target is deep or shallow, Look at vids. on how to pinpoint, I could tell you here but it's better if you look how it's done. I liked that I learned on this unit, it trained my ear to tones. Don't rush when you out there swinging, go slow & take your time, dig everything so you will learn the tones of the sharpshooter faster. Also if you use the all metal mode you will have to ground balance the unit by pressing that button also. If you need any more info. go to the Bounty Hunter website or back here. we will be more than happy to help !!!!!!!!!! for coinshooting press Disc/all metal touchpad than set the disc/notch knob to the 3:00 position. for jewelry hunting press the AUTO NOTCH touchpad than set disc/notch knob to 2:00 hope this will help & get you started.


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Hi Troy and welcome to TQ

am no help on your machine, but am sure lots others will chime in..

waving from the Jersey Shore :wavey: