Sea Hunter XL-500 Pulse Coil Wiring

I have recently acquired this machine, and just need to know if anyone on here can tell me what the solder points are for the coil wires, I have the Black and White wires already soldered on where they were before I disassembled the unit, but upon disassembly the red and green were not soldered to the PCB, so i have no way of knowing where they connect. Much appreciated!!


I have schematics, but they do not break down which wires goto where, it only shows 2 wires soldered to the board, and there are 4 coming from the coil.



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Coil wires are shown on the photo.

Just look down from the top.

I believe they are Black wire and a White Wire.

The coil on the 500 is NOT shielded.
Yes, I have that pic too. What I'm saying is this: my coil has a green and red wire aswell, where are they supposed to connect on the PCB. I've got the black and white wire connected properly already. Thanks!



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This one only has the White and Black No Sheild.

The XL-200 has the same but the coil is sheilded.

You sure you don't have the VLF version? They made one.

Post photo.
3rd pic is the wires coming from the coil, in the 1st pic, the yellow wire IS the white wire from the coil, I extended them and made quick connects so I could remove the pcbs from the housing easily.


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Use ohmmeter. I don't think those were used. Just the wire they used.

You should find the White and Black show continuity and the others dead meat.

Rick, that photo with the circles was just one I had handy. LOL
so red and green arent connected, or shorted to each other or anything then? thats not good news, I turn this on, the batt check shows good, but get Zero sound in headphones and Zero deflection on needle when i pass metal objects in front of coil........ :(