Sea Hunter XL-500 Pulse Coil Wiring


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so red and green arent connected, or shorted to each other or anything then? thats not good news, I turn this on, the batt check shows good, but get Zero sound in headphones and Zero deflection on needle when i pass metal objects in front of coil........ :(
It's only a mono coil. Use a meter and figure out what ones there using.

I bet the others are just cut off in the coil end.

Did you take it apart?
where the coil cable connects to the electronics housing there is an open on the coil side, cracked open the previously waterproof connector :( ohmed at the solder of the pins, and voila!!! 135 ohms!!!, about to resolder the pins and reassemble the connector and see what she does! (fingers crossed!)


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You have a meter?

Is it pulsing? Check at the board.

Use the meter in AC VOLTS Yes AC Volt like 200 VAC.

If you use the meter in DC the Back EMF may toast your meter.
Coil read @ 0.9 to 1.1 ohms, and with the unit turned on, autorange mm set to AC V reads voltage @ approx 177mV. At this point I'm open to suggestions man. I bought this PI, and 2 VLF's all Sea Hunter XL 500's for $120, sofar have spent $100 on batteries, and about $30 on other misc parts, solder, heat shrink, o-rings, zip ties, new solder iron, etc... Was hoping to get this PI working first most importantly, then move on to making a good VLF. I am pretty sure this coil on the PI is good, and I know the headphones work. Just not getting any sound, or deflection on the detector meter. I suppose i can get out my O-Scope and start checking components? and ohm out all individual components maybe.

I'm hoping you have some wisdom for me Homefire :) !!!

If not, maybe you are interested in some parts machines!!! Lol


Disconnect the coil.

Turn on and check the out put to the coil for the 12vdc Pulses.
k, checked............set meter on vdc, it reads 100mVdc, set on vac, reads 170mVAC, not good, I know, ugh, feelin like i have wasted alot of money, lol. What else you got for me wise one? lol