Sea Hunter XL-500 Pulse Coil Wiring

What time is a good time for you as far as being online? We may have to do this on the weekend. I really appreciate all of your help sofar! Can't wait to get this figured out!



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Did you ever disconnect the coil and see if it was being pulsed? I think you measured it while coil was in place?

All voltages looked to be good. We checked the Rail voltage 9.4 or so (Battery) The +5, -5 and all was good.

Please disconnect the coil and check again or use the scope. On scope you should see the 9.4 or so Pulse. Flyback voltage is going to be like 180DC Spike or more the other way. That circuit is using + ground. So the 9.4 should be Negitive and the Spike Positive.

If that all proves good the next step would be to check the limiting diodes and
op amps.

LM709s are notorious for dying. Being your Preamp that would stop all signals down line.

There a pain in the butt to find any more. I think I may have one (Not Sure) ........


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Post what ya find and I'll see in the AM.


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In Phase

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I won't mess up your brain talking about Harmonics and Capacitance and Inductance yet.

In the Digital world it can be.



On Time.

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