Selling Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Version 1

Thanks to those that previously responded to my request for the user manual for this rare Version 1 Time Ranger, it's greatly appreciated! Bounty Hunter didn't even have this user manual anymore so I forwarded them a copy of it.

This is a very nice unit in almost new condition. It's fully functional and cosmetically it only has a few surface scuff's that are barely noticable. This Version 1 has the Sentron C0-Relator that eliminates outside interference and included a Red LED that lets you know if ground balancing is needed due to changes in the soil being scanned. I used it several time and it is a very nice unit.

Rather then update this one which would destroy it's value as a collectors item, and after talking to Bounty Hunter and learning that they would want $149 plus shipping to update it, I've decided to sell this one and purchase a new one instead.

I know there was some interest here previously from a few members that mentioned their desire to own one of these Version 1's of the Time Ranger. So I thought I would let you know that I've put this one up for sale on Ebay at 1/2 the cost of a new one.

If you are interested in purchasing this rare Version 1 Time Ranger, it's Ebay item #150334497123, which you can search for in the Search field.
There have been a few changes from this version 1 to the current versions, and the owners manuals are different between versions.

So, since the version 1 owners manual was hard to come by, I will include both a hard copy and a copy on CD with this unit.

Have a great week,