Service manual or wiring diagram needed!

I have the operator manual but need a service manual or a wiring diagram for a White's 5900DI. Anyone out there have one of these or know where I can get one? Thanks for yur help. - Cal


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PM homefire I use to be a member of a forum that had all kinds of wiring diagrams for detectors. He might have the link I don't have it anymore. Tim


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Just look under community and find homefire then click on it you will see contact info and you can send him a message. Tim


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I have been unable to find one for you.

You can try to purchase one from Whites!

GeoTech usually has stuff like that but not this time.



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Patent search got me to the 6000DI..

Schematic is included. I don't think they added to much. It should allow you to check most out. :bthumb:

Let me know if you want it!
6000 Schematic

Yes, You are probably right about minor changes in circuitry. What do I need to do to get a copy? or can you tell me how to do the search you used to find it? Many thanks for your help. - Cal