Shout Out for Whites.


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My Whites Prizm II battery compartment latch took a walk about.

Contacted Whites Via the Whites Forum to see if it was a replaceable Item.

After being asked for a address Replacement button and the retention structure Inside the detector housing was dispatched Pronto. Pro Bono !

Received the Goodies from Whites today. Thank You Whites !

Eaaaaa ! The Target Demo Kit was missing the Nugget Chip ! What's with that ? Joke Sir a JOKE ! LOL

Nice Gloves too. So Nice Wicked Wanda the Wife Confiscated them. I'm good with that too.

Prizm is whole yet again thanks to you. Didn't need the Inner peace. Just the push button. Eaa Got one now.




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Nice to hear. I've used White's detectors my whole "career". Never had to send one in for repairs but nice to know about their service if I ever have to.
I agree Ed. I used White's detectors exclusively for almost 40 years until I bought a Deus. I never had a problem that I had to send any of them back for repair, but they ALWAYS took care of me if I needed anything. I can't speak highly enough about their customer service, they are just outstanding!