I am going to get one of these machines for my brother ....Right now he basically hunts coins that he can see on top of the ground ....Surprisingly , he get's a BUNCH of change by the end of the day ...I figured that he could do even better with a detector .....I know that once he see's some of the Silver that my buddy and I get out of the ground , he will want to join us .... What is the advantage of the Silver over the Comapadre .....Does that sensitivity knob allow for more depth or ????...... He can afford either one, but I don't want to have him spend more than he has to unless the machine warrants it ....Thanks, Jim


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The Silver allows for coil changes with a good amount to choose from. The Compadre does not.The sens knob does allow for some increased depth. IMHO I think the Silver is the better unit, but the Compadre is no sloutch. You can not go wrong with either, Beale.
Thanks for the info ...I did not know that you could not do coil changes on the Compadre ... Well that settles that on the coil issue alone ....Thanks again , Jim


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The Silver seems to be a souped up Compadre w/coil change ability and a discrimination knob...that said, the Compadre still hits hard and will even find Gold...

Believe me , I'm not one to sell the Compadre short at all ...I've seen too many great finds with it ....My buddy just showed me a find from an area in a park where he turned his buddy on to ....My friend was hunting with his E-Trac and his friend was hunting with an F2 ( another bottom of the line machine ) and his friend pulled a beautiful barber dime, and a barber Quarter out of the ground .... I figure with other coils and more versitility , the Silver should do at least as good as the Compadre, and in most cases even better ....This is not to say that the Compadre does bad by any means !!!... The entire Tesoro line has it's place as far as I'm concerned ... I kinda laugh when I see the machines with a read out on them ....Sorta sacrelig to me for a Tesoro !!..:icon_wink.....Jim
I'm not well versed in modding , so the Silver will do the trick for me for not too much more money than the Compadre ....I ordered it last night , and should have it by the weekend !!...It's suppose to be nice here in NY this weekend ...I'll have a chance to try it out ...My brother might not get the Silver back if I play with it too long !!....LOL !!....Jim
Hey Jim. You guys might wanna try this after you've tried your Silver a while. They use a metal screw to hold on the coil and I switched to a nylon screw. It SEEMED to lower the discriminate just a teeny-some nails now pop or click louder as well as some other similar targets. I hope this means less target masking in iron areas, etc.:smile:
Silver Vs Compadre

It seems that a compadre has a big advantage in finding small gold chains and most likely gold earings and the like. I guess if I only had one detector I would go for the silver because of the coil changes, greater versatility and depth. However, if you already have a good coin or relic detector, then I'd go for a compadre because of its small gold item detection capabilites.
Silver vs Compadre

Plus the Silver,(with lower freq.of 10 khz,and larger 8" coil), will go deeper on silver coins vs. Compadre,(that's only hardwired with smaller 5 3/4" coil).

HOWEVER Compadre more sensitive for small items within its coil depth range,therefore much better for small gold,(especially w/added ED 180 Disc...) Compadre also has a more powerful "squak" to it,that DEFINATELY alerts you to the target!

The Compadre is a VERY interesting detector,PROBABLY THE BEST YOU CAN BUY FOR A CHILD...(That's why ***I WANT ONE!!*** Lol!)