Silver finds gold....

Took the umax to a local tot lot this a.m. and decided to use the a/m mode to search in. Hit this 10k gold ring on the outter part of the search width and then flipped the toggle to disc. mode and that's when I noticed that I might have lost the ring in disc. mode because I hadn't been overlapping like I should have. Still, gave a good signal AFTER it got closer to the inside of the coil scan width. Overlap those coils!



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Gold rings are always nice finds. Way to go!

Some good advice slingshot about using the all metal mode.

I'm going to have to start hunting in the all metal mode on the Silver.

I don't mind detecting with non-threshold based all metal mode like what's on the Silver, but I can't stand detecting with a threshold based all metal mode. The slow reset drives me batty.

The Tesoro Silver ยตMax is one special detector.