Silver Umax vs Cibola

I know most here will say "Go with the Cibola".

Just starting out, totally new to the hobby.

So I figured I'd be good to start with the Umax and invest in some other tools (Lesche digger, shovels pouch etc.)

Wheres as if I went with the cibola it'd be more or a stretch on the budget.

Any reason why I should save more and go with the cibola right from the get go?
I think the silver is just as capable as the cibola and after trying both, I chose the Silver. It's a great detector.

You could save more $ and get the compadre. A lot of guys get the 5.75" and leave it on permanently. A new compadre has a fixed 5.75" coil. I think it's the best bang for buck detector available.

If you're buying used the silver and cibola are close in price. In that case I'd get the cibola.. It is a "hot" detector. Wven moddable,,, ground balance can be added. But theN a used compadre can be really cheap ;-)


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I found my compadre on craigslist for a whopin' $75 around 18 months is the only detector that I have found GOLD with so far...(hehehe)

$75 is a steal. Last year I regretfully sold a mint one on eBay that I bought new for $72 +shipping. It just didn't get the bids... For some reason they've been getting $125 used on eBay lately. Crazy. I saw a silver umax go for $100 on eBay last month. That's crazy cheap too.