Sov Elite

Well this is the first week with the Elite,I thought I had emptied the field were I have hunted for the past 6 month,took the elite over a section of the area and pulled 6 coins within 10 mins,went back next day lunch break and pulled a 1799 George 111 half penny which was in good condition Just goes to show I thought the Ace had done a great job but notas good as I thought.Out in the morning Dy break heading up to the Borders for a Rally hunt but weather predicts rain and possible thunder storms:doh: if it is poor weather in the morning I think I might just give the rally hunt a miss and head to the beach for a couple of hours the inland to my farm lands.Let you all know if any good comes of the day:icon_roll.


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Congrats on the new machine Dave. :multi::multi::multi::multi:
Looks like you made a good move. :bthumb::bthumb::bthumb::bthumb:


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Hey BBD! I too went from an ACE (250) to an old used Sovereign Elite (got a White's SURF PI in between but that one is a water machine) and I agree with your other post about it being heavier on the shoulder but it is TEARING up the beaches here in NW Florida! This Ol' Sovereign is a GREAT machine.