Sovereign GT - first day out

First day out with my GT was cut a bit short due to rain. In the 1.5 hours I had running the GT, I found it to be much lighter then I though it might be with no arm fatigue. I spent the time “getting to know her”. Unlike my Vaquero, the GT has a broad tone as you pass over your target, so you spend a little more time pin pointing. I did notice the tone had a bit of a change on the front end when I passed over a coin, this “change” helped me identify coins as opposed to trash. Although I do not plan on using this for coin shooting, I did find 22 coins, $2.45 in total. Over all I like what I’ve seen today. A solid, reliable MD, with a language all its own. Looking forward to hitting the beaches around some of the lakes we have here in Central New Jersey, and then the Jersey shore in the Spring.
Good Hunting!


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congrats on your GT.. you will love it.. works super fantastic on beaches of any kind.. you might wanna get a 15 in. wot. coil for it.. when hunting the beaches..that coil kicks butt.. I love my gt.. I have mine hip mounted and boy oh boy is that baby super light, its so nice to have that especially when I am hurting pretty good, but by using it hip mounted, I can go for hours n hours with no problems at all..

you willl just love your gt..takes a bit getting used too..but ahh it aint no sweat...its just like the excal but isnt waterproof..
Sovereirgn GT - first day out

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm really liking the MD. I got the hip mount casr today which is really cool. Gonna be sunny tomorrow so I'll be back out there. I'll give that coil a look, sounds like a nice investment.
Good Hunting!