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    Hi everyone, I wanted to talk about the spanish or mexican dip needle. First thing is the dip needle was first discovered in 1581 and were just a crude compass and it wasnt till the 1830s when it needle was mounted at a right angle allowing it to be drawn to magnetic loads, seems a little late for the spanish to use. I had always been told by the old timers that it was called spanish dip needles and from the discriptions of the device it sounds like what the spanished used was what is called in modern terms is mineral rods. Now back in the 70s i was giving an old set of mineral rods and being the sceptic i did some field testing on them with outstanding results. the mineral rods take two peple to operate wich is consistant with stories i was told how the spanish looked for gold and silver. The rods consist of two brass and two metal rods (1 person holding one set and another person holding the other) the rods have a spoon on one end wich conects with the spoon being held by the second person. when they point a deriction you move and trianglate and zero in on the point. hope this helps
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    Hi SS, that was a good a explanation as you can give with few of words. I have plenty of Spanish sites here, and what you described would be a good way to look for mineral in a dry environment.

    Do you have a picture of the two rod system being used? I would love to try it for sure.

    Also do you have any links on how the Spanish looked for gold and silver? I have identified some spots I would like to hunt.


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