Square nail in a tree, a good sign, correct ?

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    Haven't found anything since to do with the nail..
    But I'm confident good items are there. Will just take some work.

    They have put in 2 fenced in soccer fields here. It seems that when they do this and they have taken off the top layer of soil is when I get to the good stuff.

    Jewelry, bullets, 1961 British Penny. Just going to take time.
    When they put in this last soccer field I hit it for 2 weeks before they put the fence up.
    The British Penny, 9 pieces of jewelry , 19 bullets, 3 casings, shot gun shell, a lot of clad. And much more. This was a month ago.

    The British Penny hit by the mowers. I would guess.
    The item next to the Penny is a token, I believe. Just not sure as to the ID.
    The nicest pendant I've ever dug. I now wear it every time I go detecting.
    The bracelet item rand as silver, Haven't tested it, but I'm sure it is.

    The stuff is there.


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