Star Brand Shoes


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Hey PAPPY, read your post the other day about roadside trash dumps. Was driving an old road yesterday, it came to mind and I stopped at a pullout. Usual collection of TVs, waterheaters, tires, etc but on the way back to the truck saw this little gem down between two rocks all by it's lonesome. A squashed timble advertising Star Brand Shoes. Found web pages showing watch fobs and clocks with the Star Brand add but can't find any info on Star Brand Shoes themselves. Once I find something like this I like to know the history. You have an info on Star Brand Shoes?
Thanks Bob


We found this brass pin several yrs ago, pin missing, seeing your post reminded me so I looked it up, neat find.....treasurehunter00

I found one of the same pins a few weeks ago! Mine is in the same shape as yours. Anybody know any more about these?

eta; Are you sure it was a pin? My wife was thinking it was affixed to something like a shoe shine kit or brush.