Sterling out for a couple hours

To the same schoolyard as the week before, still barely scratched the surface,
just so much land to hunt.
I have been running disc at about 9-10 o'clock, so I am digging lots of foil.
Lots of it around besides aluminum can slaw, old pull tabs and bottlecaps. Can't
forget to throw in a few nails and pencil eraser tops.

I was kept busy digging away. Deepest coin today was a 6" penny. Most were found
between 3-5", they all rang out loud and clear except for a dime and nickel that
were on their sides. The strangest find was a 22 bullet size tubular electronic
capacitor at 5".

The weird thing about this place is that 85% or more of the coins date
from the late 1970's to the late 1980's, they are all at the 4+ inch depth
level. The later date coins are within a couple inches from the top.

I have a feeling this school hasn't been hunted in a long time. Haven't been
close enough to the school buildings front to actually see when it was built. I
usually enter from the access point at the very back of the schoolyard.

So for my efforts, goodies found:
3 Loonies ($1 coins)
3 Quarters
2 Dimes
2 Nickels
25 Pennies
1 Australian penny
2 Pot metal rings, one with skull and crossbones

Was walking along the lakefront heading towards a big dock with a huge boat
house. About 500 feet from it. Looked into the water, what first looked like
just brown stones under the waters ripples. Were actually discolored coins. A
huge area from a few feet off shore to about 50 feet out and 50 along he
shoreline. Thousands an thousands, unbelievable site. There was a drainage pipe
entering the water at that point, figured that is where they were coming from.
My heart started pounding. So I quickly went to that dock and boat house to get
some fishing bait. Overheard some one say to another about finding some I quickly left and hauled butt home to get my water scoop and
buckets. Then I woke up to find it was only a dream.