Sunday~Bottle Hunt before Ole Man Winter!


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I went out for about 2~hrs last Sunday before we had a major snow fall, it was raining all morning, did some chores, and off I went it was cold:cussing: and muddy, we had 3 inches of rain the night before and 2" sunday:eek:oh:

When i got to the honey hole, i tried to dig a new honey hole on the other big honey hole, I was hitting a bunch of metal , that I could not get out of the hole, and turned it over(metal sign), which turned out to be a Mail Pouch Quailty Tobacco sign, had a place where a therometer goes ! :multi:

I kept on digging, covered the sign up, it was craving in on me so fast cause of the wetness in the ground. I turned up some more chemist bottles,Rx bottles, Easy Stove Polish bottle, a few soda(light-green), i pitch them, too common, i found a number of crocks(all busted), a teapot with a spout broken off( i found the sprout about a month ago on the other side of the honey hole about 10' away ~ Image that :lol:

I built a little fire, to kept warm, for a little bit, then the snow starting coming down, I just kept on digging, it was getting dark, so I packed it up.

Here's some pic's of the hunt:

Video will be loaded soon!




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Maybe a day or two more of decent weather for ya..that would be awesome.. neat finds...gotta give ya major credit on out there by yourself digging that huge hole too.. hats off to ya for that one..
Im liking that apothecary bottle, Thats what I collect, nice finds, I agree with the post above, try to bring that sign out, may be worth some money.