Sunray DX1 Probe Delivered Today

I have been wanting a Sunray DX1 probe to go on my MXT, however, they are not cheap. I finally got one today and can't wait to use it. There are not many second hand ones out there. I guess that's a testiment for the probe. I did run across one and snatched it up...I'll give a report on it if anyone is interested.



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Congrats TDD!! I'll be interested in hearing your feedback on it. I've been contemplating getting one. Enjoy!!



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Congrats to you! I would like to get a review fro you on it! I just wish I could get one for the X-Terra, Beale.
Glad you were able to get what you were looking for, I don't know how anyone can find anything without a good pinpointer. Best of Luck in 09.


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Congratulations on the probe, I've always wanted one but just never broke down an bought one. I think I will soon, just have to decide whether I'm going to keep my SE or get an E-trac???


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Hi Digger,I think your going to like it !!! I want one but they havent got one for the x-70 so I guess I gotta get an etrac once I get my tax return ! :wink: Darn it !!!! :biggrin:
I have a DX-1 for my MXT and really like it. It was pricey but no more lost pinpointers. Ralph from Sunray was superb. I also bought the bracket to mount the probe on my control box to keep any extra weight off the shaft. Also bought the Pro Gold headphones and I absolutely like them too. Jack