Super Eyeball Find


On Wednesday nights, Sue and I go to the Mohegan Sun casino and we each "invest" a twenty dollar bill. We play VERY slowly and can each make our twenty last a couple of hours and most times come home with a good part of it. Once in a while we come home with more.....:):) This particular Wednesday was very good to us because Sue hit a "four deuces" and ended up coming home a shade over fifty dollars richer than when she started. Fate was also good to me because shortly after we sat at the bar to play video poker, I spotted this FIFTY staring up at me from the floor. It was folded just like in the photo.


We have one an hour and a half away that does an all you can eat seafood buffet in Friday nights that is excellent. Due to Linda being down again we haven’t been for a couple years.
The buffets closed down and as of yet haven't reopened. We did the breakfast buffet one time and some of the food was cold. We never did it again. For us, the casino is only a half hour ride.


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Sorry to hear that your wife is down again. Best of luck to her......
Thank you. She had another major back surgery and she is doing better. I think she will be up and around soon. I didn’t post anything because this entire year is like what I posted in 2017 and 2018. Lots of ups and downs followed by major back surgery. We go today for her post op check up. She is doing lots better though. She has been down agin since February this year.
Not. Too. Shabby. This happened to me the first time I went to buy silver. Guy at the store told me he'd only take cash. Walked to the bank down the street and found General Grant looking up at me from the sidewalk. Clerk's eyes bugged out when I told him what happened. It's nice silver, too.