Super Service From Garrett

My machine is a little older, didn't really see a GTA section, so I thought I'd post this here.

Put new batteries in my GTA 1000 last week. Discovered that the bottom of one of the holders was half cracked off. (Luckily the battery compartment door held it in place.) Looked for a replacement at Radio Shack but that was a waste of time. So I sent an email to Garrett Customer Service. Got a response the next day from Melinda who asked for my address. I offered to pay for the holders but she said it was OK - I didn't have to. Got two new holders in the mail today.

Thank You Melinda at Garrett! :multi:


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Melinda is *awesome* and will totally take care of everyone. I am so glad you got to see first-hand why Garrett is such a great company. One of the few that's all USA too... so good to hear!


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That is such awesome news...Things like that reflect on Kellyco and make it a good place to do business with....Buster....:wave:
I also have a GTA-1000 that I have had for almost 40 yrs my battery holders started to crack about 5 years ago I called about purchasing new ones being it was 34 yrs out of warranty. They over-nighted me a pair no charge. That is why I just bought a new Seahunter Mark II. Its American made and they stick by their products.