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I really couldn't wait to come home and write this post, hoping other V3i users would read it, and hopefully I could help them out.

I also hope someone from White's reads this, and to let them know that I recently invested in their top machine, and have some feedback. I the biggest critic, a tech-geek, an analyst, a tweaker, and am 100% no-BS.

I got my V3i about a month ago. I put about 20-25 hours on it, and about 20-25 hours reading the manual, tweaking, air testing, and making a few programs. I put my hammered-Etrac (1000+ hours last year) on the shelf for this year, to try a new machine.

I have made some posts on here recently, and as a new V3i user. As of yesterday morning, I thought about selling the V3i and Etrac and getting a CTX3030. In my opinion, the stock programs were OK... the depth was OK... the recovery/VDI was OK... the stock 10" coil was OK... the customizable colors, sizes, menu options, icon were cute... the HD color display and wireless headphones were really sweet, but.... all-in-all.... the V3i was just an OK machine. I actually thought about maybe splitting time with my Etrac. At least I knew it very well, and wouldn't risk passing up anything.

The title is 'Supercharged V3i' because, as of today, I finally have a program that is.... honestly... a friggin home run! it is utterly amazing! I didn't write the program, I saw someone post it a while back, while searching for something else. I tweaked it a little too. It reminded of me of my back-up machine's program, that I love... my AT Pro... pro-mode, with iron audio on, and that machine is a BEAST in iron-infested areas.

I went to an old park today. New park for me, as I recently moved into the area here in Pittsburgh. I went to the main old building, that they have been having things go on for 100+ years. This place has been flat grassy area hunted out for God-knows-how-many years. There are actually YouTube videos of people detecting there, and it has to be hammered.

I ran the new program there. Stock 10" DD coil too! It is iron infested and garbage everywhere from the last 100+ years of everything that went on there. The new program 'clicks' on all the iron and hits the coins/silver in the iron and garbage. It was IMPRESSIVE! I had to slow my swing speed down, which is tough for me, but I did.

White's has an AWESOME MACHINE here. I am really really impressed! I am the cynical skeptic too!
This program hits the coins and silver BIG TIME! It is also SUPER DEEP! It's like the V3i is a totally different machine than the stock programs. No kidding! I picked out the 36 Merc, 54 Quarter, 6 Wheaties, and a silver cross from 7"-13" ! ! ! No kidding! The other coins and slug I found nestled in iron 6"-1". This is in an area that has been pounded by detectors (including a CTX and Garrett 2500 just recently)

The 2 negatives I have found for the program are #1 the VDI is off a little and you can't use the icons to predict what it is (like the stock coin/jewelery program on targets 1-5"). You will hear the high tones, and DIG!... it's SILVER or a coin! #2 the pinpointing is tough since you are maybe 12" OR MORE! It gets you in the general area. I have dug my 'V-cut' plug and then had to dig out a hole because my ProPointer didn't get a signal that deep! The first few times I scanned the plug, scanned the bottom and the sides and was like 'Hmmmpf!'. Then I dug another plug in the hole and BEEPBEEPBEEP!

My GF hates the iron chatter on her AT Pro. But it lets you see THE GROUND BENEATH YOU... and pick the treasure out! I used to run my T2 HOT and loved the chatter.

This program is not for everyone. This program has been out for a while, and I hope I get a few vet V3i users to say 'HEY THIS IS MAGIC'S PROGRAM!'. It is, and it's amazing, maybe I got a hot-machine for it?... maybe I tweaked it a little and it runs better?... maybe it just works so good in the western Pennsylvania soil?

This program restored my confidence in the V3i purchase I made and I can't wait to get out again! Especially in the areas laid in iron and HAMMERED by other detectors.

I was utterly amazed today! When you are hearing a highnote and it's FRIGGIN 10"+ DEEP and you are pulling out a coin of some type.... you have a BEAST of a MACHINE!

As of today... the V3i totally SMOKED anything my Etrac has done like the finds and conditions. And I am a Minelab fan, even back to my first machine, the Xterra 705.

I am gonna post the program on another tab. I am sure a few vets might have seen it, but if you are new to the V3i, like I am, and willing to 'sweep slow' and pick the silver from the mess... this is for you!


Here's a pic of the crap that was in the hole & plug with the Merc....

Here's a pic of today's finds....

Here's a pic of the cross...



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Would like to see the program if you can send me a copy......Please....glad it is working out for you..congrats...........Chuck......:)


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Thanks, I got it and tried it out for a short bit in my yard on Saturday...will take it out for a good hunt this weekend..thanks again................Chuck......:)