Surface Elimination

herb n surf

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My newest detector the GTI 2500 arrived today . Question for those of you that have this machine . Does the surface elimination feature really work ? I buried a quarter at 4 1/2 " . The detector picked it up with a strong signal . I then put a pull tab on the surface about 2 1/2 " off target center and a penny about 3 " from the pull tab . I set the elimination feature at 2 1/2 " . At that point I could no longer get any signal on the quarter and just broken one way broken up beeps . Even raising the coil did not help pick up the quarter. Does this feature really work with your 2500 ? Thank you for any replies ..

Dig Dug

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I got a GTI 2500 I'm still learning to, I do know that clad pennys show up one to two marks to the left of the penny mark and some times under the dime and quarter. Pull tabs like to show up as a nickel.
I haven't used it yet but been wanting to try the surface elimination feature, I was going to try the lowest setting first.

Dig Dug

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Pulltab showed up the size of a coin on imaging screen and on the coin indicator between the dime and a quarter. I think it depends on if the tab is folded over into the ring are laid out flat are folded in half. Most of the pulltab site find are under the nickel indicator and show up as a coin on imaging screen.
The other day I found a newer quarter it showed up under the dollar indicator it digital decides what going on imaging screen it was about 4 inches deep and on its side .