T2 SE anyone using a bigger then stock coils?

I have a T2 but I've only used the stock coil. I would image you's be digging some pretty deep holes with a larger coil!
That is my plan for the T2SE and bigger coil. My club has lined up a lot of old private farm fields to hunt. They are hay fields need a detector with depth. Also bought a 13" Detech coil for my E-Trac.

Tomcat Uk

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I have been using the T2 for some time and I bought the SEF 15 x 12 coil.
Stunning depth and hard work digging!
For a young guy thats for sure deepest was a hammered coin at 24 inches took three of us to dig it out. Sounds unbelievable but if you have any doubts try this combination and you will soon see.
The only draw back I found is here in the UK we have lots of bits in the ground and the big coil will pick up three or four at the same time.
So where the ground is quiet the 15 x 12 SEF is a killer!
Have fun