Talk me into one!


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Sorry I'm late to the game - I hate missing a discussion on the Deus! Had mine for a couple years now and I use it exclusively except for water and beach. The programming can be intimidating but you'll find ones you like. They are actually very easy to adjust and change on the fly - only takes a few seconds. The weight and balance are sooo sweet, and the cordless headphones make it so nice when you set it down to dig. I went with the 11" coil and sometimes I wish I had the 9". I can't dig that deep anyway :unsure::ROFLMAO:. Can't have everything. Different programs will bring old sites back to life!


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I ordered mine with the 9" coil because I hunt some heavily wooded sites and the 9 would be easier to get into some of the tight spots. But, when it came it had the 11" coil in the box. I called the dealer and he said that mine was the second order that week that the shipper had messed up.
He put me in touch with the shipper and I was given two options. One, they would send me a return label and I could ship the 11 back. When they got it they would ship me the 9. The second option was they would sell me a 9" at their cost which was almost 50% off retail. Since I had already planned to get the 11 in a couple months I chose option 2 and I am glad I did. The 11 is a killer in open fields and only weights .2ozs more than the 9.
While I am still learning the Deus I am digging very small targets at 10-12"s. And, I can swing this machine all day with out tiring. My legs give out before my arms and shoulders do. So, I take a short break and get back at it.


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Congrat's FF1. You came out on top of this coil deal. Good for you and Glad that you are both liking and doing well with the new Deus.