Tejon or not Tejon...that is the question.


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I am currently using a Vaquero and really enjoying what it can do. I am also migrating more toward relic hunting vs. coin shooting but enjoy the latter on occasion (especially when I need a new battery!). I have read and watched what I can find about the Tejon, described by Rusty Henry (Tesoro Electronics Service Mgr.) in a phone conversation as basically being the horsepower among their entire collection of detectors. I was wondering 1) What do you Tejon owners/users say? 2) Why is there so little recent thread activity here? and 3) Is there a better source of in-field use information than say YouTube or the "Tejon Tips and Tricks" document at treasurelinx (sp)? All advice is welcomed. Rusty also mentioned that I might want to invest in the 5.75" coil for the Vaquero since it is interchangeable on the Tejon. Any thoughts there as well?


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I have read a lot about the Tejon. The only issue I have seen is the learning curve. It is harder to learn than a Vaquero. It is considered to be the Relic machine though. I have never used one. I would look at u-tube. If they do not have videos on it no one will. Good luck Beale.


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Best of Luck to you on your decision concerning the Tesoro Tejon. Like Beale, I don't own a Tejon, but have heard a lot of good things about this MD. I do own an older Tesoro Silver Sabre, and it still works like new. And the Lifetime warranty is something to consider that Tesoro offers. they stand behind their product. Again, Best of Luck to you.

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The Tejon is not talked about alot. That may be a good thing. It may be a good "secret weapon" detector. One thing for sure....If Tesoro made it, it's got to be good. :)
I have a Tesoro tejon. Just got it though so can't say it is great. It does,what it is supposed to. I have the stock, a 12x10 dd and a small widescan coil. So I am set up to do any kind of detection. Cb