Tejon the Machine Gun

Took it out for first hunt, Had a Silver so not much of learning curve. I found so many multiple coin holes and could tell because of the quick responce. What recovery speed. SMOKING! Unless I need next to metal(other MDs for that) the 8" seperates and PPoints with ease. Did have some areas it was a litle difficult to GB but most of the time no problem. Very little chatter, very stable. Dual Desc. worked. Got my 16th ring for year. Main @ o of foil and Alt. just past tab. Used tone control at 3 o'clock. Well balanced MD. The Silvers' "DADDY". So the loot on the "Finds" part of forum. Will always have a Tesoro in the collection!


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Glad you are liking the Tejon...
I love my Vaquero....It is a deep hitter and like you said the recovery speed is lightning quick...