Got the same old worn out question about the tejon vs vequero is what one best in heavely mineralize soil.. Iam in west virginia and been reading how bad the tejon is in bad soil... I hunt just coins and jewely is it realy that bad or just hard to get use to... :spin:


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Welcome Aboard

Glad you signed up here!!! I can't help with your question, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly!!!


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Welcome to the site! IMHO both have the manual GB so both should handle it equally well? I like the Vaquero, Beale.
Got a vaquero on is it way.... cant weight to try it out.. just hope it the ground dont freeze to much or get snow before it get here


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You're going to love it. Take your time and get to learn it's language. There are some great demo videos posted by another member in the Tesoro Vaquero section of the forums. Watch those videos a bunch while you wait for your machine. Happy hunting!
Thanks I hope I pick the right one had a hard time choising between the vaquero and the tejon.. Iam from the old school and they seem to be soilded made ... like the old compass detector.....
Nocona, I am in WV also, eastern panhandle. I have not experienced any problem with either one of these machines. I hunt relics. The Tejon is my primary machine and the Vaquero is my backup. Both machines do very well. I do not have trouble with mineralization with either one. When I do coin shoot I tend to use my Vaquero instead of the tejon. Mainly because of the tones on the pinpointer. You made a good choice.
Crazy Ed.. Glad to know that the vaquero work great here in W.V ,,I musty coin shoot .. but mybe if your not to far away we have to get together a hunt some time......